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Friday, November 4, 2011

:: making videos? ::

Hey my dear readers! 
pa cerita semuanya? ada baik ka? lama sudah tak bercerita kt blog..maklumlah..clinical class suda bermula! adeyhh~!

patients, new chair, working alone..aduhaaaiii~
sgtlahh kalut! sgt meletihhkannn!!!

takpelah..tamaw cite pn clinical part tuh..

lg mnarik..nk cite..pasal fiddy!!

fiddy is now making videos!!

senyap2..fiddy skarang dah melebarkn sayapnye ke arah pembikinan video!
so, nk publish sket lahh hasil2 kerja dr fiddy n d superb videoman, mr.zycos!

1st video: This video is actually one of his project for annual grand dinner..the theme was: From Paris with Love. Its more like gimmick video..

so, enjoy the show!

how was it? interesting? really love the color tone! sweet rite? ;)

Proceed to 2nd video: This video is specially dedicated for his friend lover..the song was made by the singer himself for his gf's birthday. soo..schweettt ;)
1 hour shooting, 3 hours editing..hamekkk kaw!

For the beginners..ok lah kn? 1st time tgk pn..fuyyoo...pandai jgk adk aku shoot n edit video! da bley wat event video kn? klu ade rezeki n ksempatan..why not kn? wedding, convo video..sounds coOl!! :D
insyaAllah klu ade interesting video made by fiddy lg..i'll update soon keh!

okay..good bye for now! ;)

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