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Friday, December 9, 2011

:: The Wedding of Double Bee ::

Wedding of my lovely cousin and her chosen one. 

Bahirah & Bukhori :: 19th Nov 2011

Here are the beautiful moments I'd like to share!
Enjoy the moments ;)

 Our first video :)

Thank you for watching! Beneficial compliment from you to share are welcome for improvement :)

Congratulations kakak and abg bukhori!

May Allah bless your marriage with health, wealth, success & happiness always.

Our love is always yours ;) 


  1. waaa! seyes lawa gilak sis pic kat atas ni! background blog pun da lain...chumil...! (^__~)

  2. thanks dear! ;) aah..tukar la..borink! heee

  3. wow very best..thanks leyna and akim,i'm very proud with u'll,sayang anda sgt2 huhuhu..good job teruskan dgn usaha kamu bdua,akak doakan moga kamu bdua sukses amin

  4. superb! utk beginner cam korg, hasil ni dikire cool n sgt cantik..suke2..hehe good job!smoga 3E sukses :)